The ice you dilute your cocktails with is about half of the cocktail - so if your ice is bad - your whole cocktail is ruined.

Here are 3 reasons why Diamond Arctic Ice dominates regular ice - 

Reason #1 - Clarity

Diamond Arctic Ice is crystal clear and has a glass-like quality.

Regular ice is cloudy, lumpy, coated in frost, full of calcium, and packed with air bubbles.

Reason #2 - Dilution

Diamond Arctic Ice is so clear and dense, it melts slowly in your glass.

Regular ice requires you to hurry and drink your beverage - it's melting really fast!

Reason #3 - Handcrafted

Diamond Arctic Ice is handcrafted by true ice artisans using only state-of-the-art equipment which produces the world's purest ice.

Regular ice is made by an automatic icemaker or "plastic mold."

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