Our Story

Diamond Arctic Ice has its roots in America's Heartland, but we are truly becoming one of the world's leading craft ice artisans.

Our boutique workshop is filled with the state-of-the-art tools required by master ice artisans so that Diamond Arctic Ice can create unique, crystal-like craft ice for a superior experience.

It's no stretch to say that today's world takes its beverages “on the rocks.” Diamond Arctic Ice recognizes the importance of this touch of class and our business is based on one fundamental mission - providing our customers with the world’s finest craft ice.

The Diamond Arctic Ice Difference

“Each piece of craft ice is individually hand-selected to ensure it is incomparably beautiful.”

At Diamond Arctic Ice, we believe that true artisan excellence has the power to capture unforgettable moments with family and friends. We hand-select only the most beautiful craft ice for our customers.  

Diamond Arctic Ice sets the standard for others to follow. We are simply a cut above all the others. This benchmark of excellence, partnered with our uncompromising promise of craftsmanship and precision, allows us to create craft ice that is renowned for its excellence.

The Diamond Arctic Ice Experience

“We are more than the world’s best craft ice – Diamond Arctic Ice is an experience in service and sophistication.”

Making Diamond Arctic Ice is a thoughtful and meticulous process, but well worth the wait. We pour over every detail so that the purity of our craft ice allows the true flavor of your beverage to take center stage. We're passionate about satisfying your thirst for luxury and creating a hand-crafted world-class experience for our patrons.

The craft ice we create is an important piece of our company, but the personal service we provide is even more essential. This is why we have built the Diamond Arctic Ice Experience around three core values: 

  • Passion

We are dedicated to one profession - providing the world's best craft ice. Passion places our customers at the center of our attention. Delivering excellence is not simply a marketing promise, it's our obsession. 

  • Excellence

To deliver the best experience, we personalize each point of contact with great care and attention to detail. We consistently strive for excellence and share the desire to surpass expectations in order to offer the best to our customers.

  • Capturing the Moments

We all treasure special moments! Moments are made monumental when captured forever. Diamond Arctic Ice is crafted from the finest materials with scrupulous attention to detail. Every piece is designed, developed, and produced in-house to the most exacting standards.  

We do more than just provide the world’s best craft ice, we believe in doing things differently. In other words, the Diamond Arctic Ice Experience is unmatched in the world of craft ice!

Let us do the hard work so you can entertain with style or just savor the best tasting drink possible.