Diamond Arctic Ice has one goal - making the world's best craft ice.

From soft drinks to lemonade to craft cocktails, Diamond Arctic Ice gives your beverages the classy touch of craft ice.

Order a beverage at any upscale establishment in the Northern Plains and you're likely to see a classy new trend in your glass - craft ice from Diamond Arctic Ice. And these crystal clear cubes and spheres don't just look pretty - our craft ice melts slower, chills better, and helps your beverage taste better longer.

We are obsessed with ice perfection and professionally advise bars, restaurants, and retailers seeking to upgrade their chilled beverage game.

Each piece of Diamond Arctic Ice is personally handcrafted by our craft ice artisans. At every step in the process, we have real people guiding and inspecting each piece of ice.

Simply put, Diamond Arctic Ice is a level of perfection that you don't get every day.

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