The ice you use in your cocktail is about half of the cocktail - so if your ice is bad, your whole cocktail is ruined.

Here is the "tale of the tape" in the battle between Diamond Arctic Ice and regular ice: 

Diamond Arctic Ice

  • Crystal clear 
  • Melts slower in your glass
  • Handcrafted by ice artisans
  • Ice like you've never seen before
  • Gives you more time to enjoy your favorite drink

Regular Ice

  • Smells like the frozen fish it's sat next to in your freezer
  • Cloudy & oblong lumps
  • Coated in a thick frost
  • Made by an automatic icemaker or "plastic mold"
  • Full of calcium & air bubbles
  • You better hurry and drink your beverage - the regular ice is quickly making it watered-down

So as you can see, the battle between Diamond Arctic Ice v. regular ice is really a mismatch that would stopped in Round 1!

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