You already know that Diamond Arctic Ice makes the world's best craft ice.

But do you know that our craft ice is also where "cool" intersects with "stylish"?


Fun. Creative. Memorable. 

These three words give Diamond Arctic Ice the "cool" factor that makes all the difference for your special occasion.   

Diamond Arctic Ice provides your guests with a beverage that doesn't get watered-down. It also ensures that your event's beverages are photographed more than a supermodel! 

What could be "cooler" than that?!


To meet our goal of making the world's best (and most stylish) craft ice, the Diamond Arctic Ice Handcrafting Process has 4 unwavering principles:  

  1. Our Water
  2. Our Ice
  3. Our Craft
  4. Our People

With these principles, Diamond Arctic Ice raises the bar for style and awesomeness!

Diamond Arctic Ice - Living at the Intersection of Cool and Stylish!



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