True connoisseurs demand Diamond Arctic Ice. Why? Here are 3 great reasons.

#1 - Diamond Arctic Ice Is Stylish


Diamond Arctic Ice is handcrafted craft ice that has the highest clarity.

State-of-the-Art Production

Diamond Arctic Ice uses only state-of-the-art equipment which produces the world's purest ice.

Glass-Like Purity

Diamond Arctic Ice is so pure it's glass-like.

#2 - Diamond Arctic Ice Is Sophisticated

Diamond Arctic Ice considers its craft ice the equivalent to diamonds. And like diamonds, the "3 Cs" make a huge difference when purchasing craft ice. 


In the same way a quality diamond is free of impurities, top-notch ice is crystal clear. To get this cloudless effect, Diamond Arctic Ice starts with pure water that is frozen slowly to allow more time for bubbles to escape. Our state-of-the art freezers and technology allow us to do this better than anyone else!


The cut (or shape) of your ice is all about presentation. For example, you may want a solitary cube, cylinder, or cone that fits perfectly into your glassware. You could also go with jewel-shaped ice, hand-chipped ice, or other interesting designs, to enhance visual appeal.


The capacity (or size) of your ice is incredibly important when it comes to craft ice. Bigger isn't always better - it all boils down to dilution.

You can rest assured that craft ice from Diamond Arctic Ice meets the "3 Cs"! 

#3 - Diamond Arctic Ice Is Convenient

You already know that Diamond Arctic Ice makes on-line ordering the world's best craft ice easy and convenient

But do you know that we make the ordering process even more convenient by offering the best customer service in the industry? To learn more about our world-class customer service - click here.

To order the world's best craft ice - click here.


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