Greatness is everywhere in the Midwest! This part of the country has vibrant cities, lakes for days, and some of the nicest people around. By combining the natural waters of the Midwest with our proprietary system, Diamond Arctic Ice has become one of the world’s leading craft ice artisans and will provide you with a unique experience that will always be remembered!

Diamond Arctic Ice has its roots in America's Heartland and our boutique workshop is filled with the state-of-the-art tools required by master ice artisans so that Diamond Arctic Ice can create unique, crystal-like craft ice for a superior experience.

It's no stretch to say that today's world takes its beverages “on the rocks.” Diamond Arctic Ice recognizes the importance of this touch of class and our business is based on one fundamental mission - providing our customers with the world’s finest craft ice.

Thanks to Cindy for this great review - "This company knows what it's doing and goes the extra mile. They are truly Midwesterners - friendly, relaxed and great with customers!" 



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