Cocktail Culture.

The rules used to be simple.

Gin, or maybe, just maybe, vodka. A little vermouth, shake or stir, an olive or two, and thank you, bartender.

Today, it’s a brave new world of mixology. There are now over 1,000 kinds of martinis out there, mostly based on vodka.

There are all sorts of chocolate martinis made with crême de cacao, from orange-flavored to peppermint to coconut. Also the espressotini (espresso and Kahlua), the caramel appletini (apple vodka and butterscotch schnapps), and even the pumpkintini (pumpkin spice syrup, cinnamon stick garnish).

Whatever your preference, complementing your beverage with Diamond Arctic Ice is still the perfect way to take your experience to the next level!


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